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3 Wine Estates and a unique coffee tasting experience

Wines paired with cheese,chocolates and olive oils.

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R300 per person off the normal rate!

On all bookings until end of July 2023.
Only valid on bookings made before 1 July 2023.

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9.5 Hours


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Welcome to our exclusive wine tour, where you'll indulge in the finest wine and food pairings. Our tour consists of three wine tastings, each expertly paired with delectable cheeses, chocolates, and premium olive oils. But that's not all - we also offer a unique coffee tasting experience that's sure to please your palate.


We'll start with our coffee tasting, where you'll learn about the art of coffee brewing and sample one of the best single origin coffees around. >>Click for more info.

Koffieman - Durbanville

At the Koffieman, you will discover the art of coffee like never before. Our coffee expert will take you on a journey of coffee appreciation, starting with a background on coffee and its origins. You'll learn about the different types of coffee beans, roasting methods, and brewing techniques.
Next, you will witness first hand a coffee roast demonstration.
Finally, the moment you've been waiting for - trying the Koffieman's specialty coffee prepared three ways. Our expert will showcase the versatility of our premium coffee by brewing it three different ways. You'll be amazed at how the same coffee bean can produce such diverse and unique flavours.

Next, we'll move on to our first wine tasting, where you'll taste a variety of wines that have been carefully paired with premium olive oils. The combination of these two flavours will leave your tastebuds tingling. >>Click for more info.

Ayama Wines - Voor Paardeberg

Welcome to Ayama Wines, where the finest wines and olive oils await you.
You'll start your tasting with a tour of the cellar where you'll learn about the winemaking process.
Our tasting experience includes a selection of six premium wines. The knowledgeable staff will guide you through each tasting, sharing insights into the flavours and characteristics of each wine.
But that's not all - we also offer a tasting of four premium olive oils, each expertly crafted from the finest olives grown on the estate. You'll learn about the art of olive oil production and the unique flavours and aromas of each oil.
And to complement your wine and olive oil tastings, we offer a Charcuterie Platter featuring a selection of premium cured meats, cheeses, and other gourmet treats. The combination of flavors and textures will perfectly complement your wine and olive oil tastings, creating a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

At our second wine estate we'll introduce you to the art of wine and cheese pairing. The winemaker will expertly pair each wine with a different cheese, showcasing the unique flavours of both. >>Click for more info.

Mitre's Edge - Klapmuts

Mitre's Edge, where the finest wines and cheeses are waiting to be discovered. Our tasting experience is the perfect way to indulge in the flavors of the estate-grown wines.
You'll be guided through a selection of five premium wines, each paired with a different cheese.
Our knowledgeable staff will share insights into the flavors and characteristics of each wine and cheese. You'll be amazed at how the flavors of the wine and cheese perfectly complement each other, creating a truly unforgettable taste experience.

Finally, we'll conclude our tour with our third and final wine tasting, where we'll indulge in the ultimate wine and chocolate pairing experience. The winemaker will carefully select wines that complement the flavours of premium chocolates. >>Click for more info.

Muratie Wine Estate

Muratie Wine Estate, where the magic of wine and chocolate come together in perfect harmony. Our wine and chocolate pairing is the ultimate indulgence, featuring a selection of three premium wines perfectly paired with three delicious chocolates. You will learn about the rich history of the winery, the people that the wines were named after and the unique terroir that gives the wines their distinctive character. A tasting experience that's sure to please your palate and ignite your senses.

Throughout the tour, you'll be guided by our knowledgeable and passionate winemakers, who will share their expertise and insights into the world of wine and food pairing. So, whether you're a wine aficionado or just starting your wine journey, our tour is the perfect way to indulge in the finer things in life. Book your tour today and get ready to savour the flavors of the world's best wines.

Operating Times

  • Monday - Saturday
  • 08:30am - 18:00pm
    Exact pickup time will be confirmed the day before depending on pickup location.


  • Private transport from your accommodation

  • Unique coffee tasting experience

  • Visit to 3 wine estates

  • Olive oil tasting

  • Charcuterie Platter

  • Cheese and wine pairing

  • Artisanal chocolate paired with different wines.


  • All other meals and drinks and items of a personal nature.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Camera

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